DOUG 0.2

Todo List

Subprogram CoarseAllgathers::CleanCoarse (C, R, M)
for current implementation which needs glg map, this could be done in that function

Subprogram CreateCoarseGrid::CreateHangingNodes (refpt, coordpt, nsd, nsame, minv, maxv, C)
Oleg: Unsure, but seems like hangpt is wrong value here, because it still points somewhere to the end of initial coords array.

Subprogram Mesh_class::Mesh_readFileCoords (M, fnCoords)
document input format

Subprogram Mesh_class::Mesh_readFileFreelists (M, fnFreelists)
document input format

Subprogram Mesh_class::Mesh_readFileFreemap (M, fnFreemap)
document input format

Subprogram Mesh_class::Mesh_readFileFreemask (M, fnFreemask)
document input format