DOUG 0.2
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pcg.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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module  pcg_mod


#define float   real


subroutine pcg_mod::prec2Level (prepare, A, CP, sol, rhs, res)
subroutine prec2Level_exchangeMatrix ()
subroutine prec2Level_prepare ()
subroutine prec2Level_solve ()
subroutine, private pcg_mod::preconditioner (sol, A, rhs, M, finePrec, coarsePrec, A_ghost, bugtrack_)
 Make preconditioner.
subroutine, private pcg_mod::msolve (m, r, z)
subroutine pcg_mod::pcg_weigs (D, x, finePrec, coarsePrec, it, cond_num, tol_, maxit_, x0_, solinf, resvects_)
 Preconditioned conjugent gradient method with eigenvalues.
subroutine pcg_mod::CalculateEigenvalues (it, dd, ee, alpha, beta, MaxIt)
subroutine pcg_mod::tql1 (n, d, e, ierr)
real(kind=rk) pcg_mod::pythag (a, b)


real(kind=rk), save, private pcg_mod::time_preconditioner = 0

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#define float   real

Function Documentation

subroutine prec2Level::prec2Level_exchangeMatrix ( )
subroutine prec2Level::prec2Level_prepare ( )
subroutine prec2Level::prec2Level_solve ( )