DOUG 0.2
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pcgRobust_mod Module Reference

PCG solver for the Robust Coarse Spaces. More...

Data Types

type  RobustPreconditionMtx
 Matrices for the robust preconditioner. More...


type(RobustPreconditionMtxRobustPreconditionMtx_new ()
subroutine pcg_forRCS (A, b, x)
 pcg method where system matrix is the sum of inversed submatrices
subroutine precondition_forRCS (y, A, C, x)
 Preconditioner C.

Detailed Description

PCG solver for the Robust Coarse Spaces.

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine pcgRobust_mod::pcg_forRCS ( type(SumOfInversedSubMtx),intent(inout)  A,
real(kind=rk),dimension(:),pointer  b,
real(kind=rk),dimension(:),pointer  x 

pcg method where system matrix is the sum of inversed submatrices

ASystem matrix

Definition at line 38 of file pcg_robust.f90.

References DOUG_utils::ismaster(), precondition_forRCS(), RobustPreconditionMtx_new(), globals::sctls, RobustCoarseMtx_mod::SOISMtx_pmvm(), globals::stream, and Vect_mod::Vect_dot_product().

Referenced by CoarsePreconditioner_robust_mod::CoarsePreconditioner_robust_Init().

subroutine pcgRobust_mod::precondition_forRCS ( real(kind=rk),dimension(:),intent(out)  y,
type(SumOfInversedSubMtx),intent(inout)  A,
type(RobustPreconditionMtx),intent(inout)  C,
real(kind=rk),dimension(:),pointer  x 

Preconditioner C.

Definition at line 125 of file pcg_robust.f90.

References initialize(), not, and globals::sctls.

Referenced by pcg_forRCS().

type(RobustPreconditionMtx) pcgRobust_mod::RobustPreconditionMtx_new ( )

Definition at line 28 of file pcg_robust.f90.

Referenced by pcg_forRCS().