DOUG 0.2
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ConvInf_mod Module Reference

Some basic statistics on solution. More...

Data Types

type  ConvInf
 Simple statistics on solution. More...


subroutine ConvInf_Init (inf, maxit)
subroutine ConvInf_Destroy (inf)


integer, parameter D_SOLVE_CONV_UNDEF = -1
integer, parameter D_SOLVE_CONV_CONV = 0
 Method converged.
integer, parameter D_SOLVE_CONV_NOTCONV = 1
 Method didn't converge.
integer, parameter D_SOLVE_CONV_ILLPRECOND = 2
 Preconditioner was ill-conditioned.
integer, parameter D_SOLVE_CONV_STAGN = 3
 Method stagnated.

Detailed Description

Some basic statistics on solution.

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine ConvInf_mod::ConvInf_Destroy ( type(ConvInf),intent(inout)  inf)

Definition at line 86 of file ConvInf.F90.


subroutine ConvInf_mod::ConvInf_Init ( type(ConvInf),intent(inout)  inf,
integer,intent(in),optional  maxit 

Definition at line 66 of file ConvInf.F90.


Referenced by pcg_mod::pcg_weigs().

Variable Documentation

integer,parameter ConvInf_mod::D_SOLVE_CONV_CONV = 0

Method converged.

Definition at line 40 of file ConvInf.F90.

integer,parameter ConvInf_mod::D_SOLVE_CONV_ILLPRECOND = 2

Preconditioner was ill-conditioned.

Definition at line 42 of file ConvInf.F90.

integer,parameter ConvInf_mod::D_SOLVE_CONV_NOTCONV = 1

Method didn't converge.

Definition at line 41 of file ConvInf.F90.

integer,parameter ConvInf_mod::D_SOLVE_CONV_STAGN = 3

Method stagnated.

Definition at line 43 of file ConvInf.F90.

integer,parameter ConvInf_mod::D_SOLVE_CONV_UNDEF = -1


Definition at line 39 of file ConvInf.F90.

Referenced by ConvInf_Destroy(), and ConvInf_Init().