DOUG 0.2
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CoarsePreconditioner_smooth_mod Module Reference

Coarse preconditioner with smoothing. More...

Data Types

type  CoarseSpace
 Holds information about local coarse node supports. More...


subroutine, public CoarsePreconditioner_smooth_Init (CP, D, P)
 Create coarse grid preconditioner with smoothing.
type(CoarseSpaceCoarseSpace_Init (Restrict)
 Create new coarse space from computed restriction matrix.
subroutine CoarseSpace_Expand (CS, R, M, cdat)
 Expand coarse space to the nodes and supports on the overlap.

Detailed Description

Coarse preconditioner with smoothing.

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine,public CoarsePreconditioner_smooth_mod::CoarsePreconditioner_smooth_Init ( type(CoarsePreconditioner),intent(inout)  CP,
type(Distribution),intent(inout)  D,
type(Partitionings),intent(in)  P 
subroutine CoarsePreconditioner_smooth_mod::CoarseSpace_Expand ( type(CoarseSpace),intent(inout)  CS,
type(SpMtx),intent(inout)  R,
type(Mesh),intent(in)  M,
type(CoarseData),intent(inout)  cdat 
) [private]

Expand coarse space to the nodes and supports on the overlap.

This is done in two phases: first collect the values and then redistribute them.

RRestriction matrix

Definition at line 137 of file CoarsePreconditioner_smooth.F90.

References add_indices(), collectRestrictValues(), distributeRestrictValues(), and SpMtx_operation::SpMtx_add().

Referenced by CoarsePreconditioner_smooth_Init().

type(CoarseSpace) CoarsePreconditioner_smooth_mod::CoarseSpace_Init ( type(SpMtx),intent(in)  Restrict) [private]

Create new coarse space from computed restriction matrix.

Definition at line 92 of file CoarsePreconditioner_smooth.F90.

Referenced by CoarsePreconditioner_smooth_Init().