DOUG 0.2
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globals.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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Data Types

type  globals::SharedCtrlData
type  globals::MasterCtrlData
type  globals::indlist


module  globals


integer, parameter globals::pointerk = SIZEOF_VOID_P
 kind corresponding to basic integer type capable of holding any pointer
real(kind=xyzk), parameter globals::eps = 0.000000001_xyzk
integer globals::D_MSGLVL = 2
integer globals::D_DEBUGLVL = 0
character(100) globals::D_CtrlFileName = 'DOUG.dat'
character(100) globals::D_PMASTER_LOG_FN = 'log.0'
character(100) globals::D_SMASTER_LOG_FN = 'log.DOUG'
character(100) globals::D_PROF_FN = 'prof'
integer globals::D_INIT_TYPE
integer globals::numprocs
integer globals::myrank = 0
logical globals::D_MPI_WAS_INITED = .false.
integer globals::MPI_rkind
integer globals::MPI_ckind
integer globals::MPI_fkind
integer globals::MPI_xyzkind
integer globals::stream = 6
logical globals::master_stdout = .true.
logical globals::slave_stdout = .false.
integer globals::pstream = 55
integer, parameter, private globals::L = 150
type(SharedCtrlData), save globals::sctls
integer globals::D_MPI_SCTLS_TYPE
type(MasterCtrlData), save globals::mctls