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SpMtx_arrangement.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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module  SpMtx_arrangement


#define float   real


subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_arrange (M, arrange_type, sort, nnz, nrows, ncols)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_consolidate (M, add)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_scale (M, A_ghost)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_unscale (M)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_build_refs (M, noffdels, rowstart, colnrs, colstart, rownrs)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_build_refs_symm (A, noffdels, rowstart, colnrs, sortdown, diagstrong)
 build matrix reference arrays: for quick strong row reference, symmetric matrix case: rowstart(1:n+1), colnrs(1:noffdels)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_roughly_aggregate (A, aggr, neighood, maxaggrsize, alpha)
 Finding rough aggregates.
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_Build_lggl (A, A_ghost, M)
recursive subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_addFront (sendmask, A, M, i, p, ol)
 A helper procedure for marking all nodes within overlap distance in distribution mask.
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_distributeWithOverlap (A, b, M, ol)
 Distribute assembled matrix and RHS vector from master to slaves; distribute by taking overlap into account NOTE: as a sideeffect, the returned matrix is arranged by rows.
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_build_ghost (clr, ol, A, A_ghost, M, clrorder, clrstarts)
 Calculates overlap and then figures out which vector values need to be exchanged and which matrix values must be used in parallel matrix-vector multiplication and first level preconditioner.
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_build_ghost_v01 (clr, ol, A, A_ghost, M, clrorder, clrstarts)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_buildAdjncy (A, nedges, xadj, adjncy)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_buildAggrAdjncy (A, aggr, maxaggrsize, nedges, xadj, adjncy)
 Subroutine to build aggregates' adjacency.
subroutine SpMtx_arrangement::SpMtx_SymmTest (A, eps)


logical, parameter SpMtx_arrangement::arr_by_j = .true.
logical, parameter SpMtx_arrangement::arr_by_i = .false.

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#define float   real