DOUG 0.2

SpMtx_arrange_qs.F90 File Reference

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integer sm_elem_order (M, k1, k2, prim_i)
subroutine SpMtx_swapElems (M, k1, k2)
recursive subroutine quick_arrange (M, l, r)
subroutine SpMtx_arrangeQS (M, type_col)

Function Documentation

recursive subroutine quick_arrange ( type(SpMtx),intent(inout)  M,
integer,intent(in)  l,
integer,intent(in)  r 

Definition at line 89 of file SpMtx_arrange_qs.F90.

References sm_elem_order(), and SpMtx_swapElems().

Referenced by SpMtx_arrangeQS().

integer sm_elem_order ( type(SpMtx),intent(in)  M,
integer,intent(in)  k1,
integer,intent(in)  k2,
logical,optional  prim_i 

Definition at line 32 of file SpMtx_arrange_qs.F90.

Referenced by quick_arrange().

subroutine SpMtx_arrangeQS ( Type(SpMtx),intent(inout)  M,
logical,intent(in),optional  type_col 

Definition at line 122 of file SpMtx_arrange_qs.F90.

References quick_arrange().

subroutine SpMtx_swapElems ( type(SpMtx),intent(inout)  M,
integer,intent(in)  k1,
integer,intent(in)  k2 

Definition at line 69 of file SpMtx_arrange_qs.F90.

Referenced by quick_arrange().