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SpMtx_aggregation.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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module  SpMtx_aggregation

Aggregation procedures.


#define float   real


subroutine SpMtx_aggregation::SpMtx_aggregate (A, aggr, neighood, minaggrsize, maxaggrsize, alpha, aggr_fine, M, plotting)
 Finding aggregates.
subroutine SpMtx_aggregation::SpMtx_exchange_strong (A, A_ghost, M)
 0 -- shows LAYER_NUMBER+1
integer calcBufferSize (ninds)
integer calcBufferSize2 (ninds)
subroutine exchange_strong ()
subroutine SpMtx_aggregation::SpMtx_find_strong (A, alpha, A_ghost, symmetrise)
subroutine SpMtx_aggregation::SpMtx_symm_strong (A, A_ghost, symm)

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#define float   real

Function Documentation

integer SpMtx_exchange_strong::calcBufferSize ( integer,intent(in)  ninds)
integer SpMtx_exchange_strong::calcBufferSize2 ( integer,intent(in)  ninds)

Definition at line 659 of file SpMtx_aggregation.F90.

subroutine SpMtx_exchange_strong::exchange_strong ( )