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RobustCoarseMtx.f90 File Reference

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Data Types

type  RobustCoarseMtx_mod::SumOfInversedSubMtx
 This represents matrix consisting of the sum of smaller inversed matrices. More...


module  RobustCoarseMtx_mod

Method for creating robust coarse spaces.


type(SumOfInversedSubMtx) RobustCoarseMtx_mod::CoarseProjectionMtxsBuild (A, R, naggr)
 Creates restrict matrices for the Robust Coarse Space algorithm from the restrict matrix of the aggregation and smoothing result.
type(SumOfInversedSubMtx) getConstrainedEnergyMatrix (A, R)
subroutine RobustCoarseMtx_mod::SOISMtx_pmvm (y, A, x)
 Matrix-vector multiplication.
subroutine RobustCoarseMtx_mod::RobustRestrictMtxBuild (A, g, R)
 Get robust restrict matrix.

Detailed Description

Definition in file RobustCoarseMtx.f90.

Function Documentation

type(SumOfInversedSubMtx) CoarseProjectionMtxsBuild::getConstrainedEnergyMatrix ( type(SpMtx),intent(inout),target  A,
type(SpMtx),intent(in)  R