DOUG 0.2
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Mesh.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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Data Types

type  Mesh_class::Mesh


module  Mesh_class


type(Mesh) Mesh_class::Mesh_New ()
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_Init (M, nell, ngf, nsd, mfrelt, nnode)
type(Mesh) Mesh_class::Mesh_newInit (nell, ngf, nsd, mfrelt, nnode)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_Destroy (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_initFromFile (M, fnInfo)
 Initialize mesh from a file.
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_BuildSquare (M, n)
 Construct a rectangular mesh object for assembled 2D matrix.
type(Mesh) Mesh_class::Mesh_newInitFromFile (fnInfo)
 Construct and initialise from a file.
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_readFromFile (M, fnFreelists, fnCoords, fnFreemap, fnFreemask)
 Read mesh from files several files in order.
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_readFileFreelists (M, fnFreelists)
 Reads in element nodes numbering file, allocates and fills in 'nfrelt' and 'mhead'.
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_readFileCoords (M, fnCoords)
 Reads in nodes coordinates.
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_readFileFreemap (M, fnFreemap)
 Reads in data associated with freedoms.
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_readFileFreemask (M, fnFreemask)
 Reads in data associated with freedoms' block structure.
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_buildGraphDual (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_destroyGraph (M)
subroutine, private Mesh_class::Mesh_assessHash (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_buildHash (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_destroyHash (M)
real(kind=rk), private Mesh_class::hashfn (ii, jj, M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_buildDualAdjncy (M, nedges, xadj, adjncy)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_partitionDual (M, nparts, method, part_options)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_calcElemsInParts (M)
subroutine, private Mesh_class::Mesh_MapsAndNghbrs (M)
subroutine, private Mesh_class::Mesh_findNghbrs (M)
subroutine, private Mesh_class::Mesh_findNLF (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_buldMapsNghbrsMasksNLF (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_paramsMPIISEND (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_paramsMPIRECV (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_paramsMPIBCAST (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_dataMPIISENDRECV (M, nfrelt, mhead, freemap, coords, eptnmap, hash, freemask)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_printInfo (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_printElemFree (M)
subroutine Mesh_class::Mesh_IVect_Print (x, str)


integer, parameter Mesh_class::D_FREEDOM_INNER = 0
integer, parameter Mesh_class::D_FREEDOM_INTERF = 1