DOUG 0.2
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Graph.f90 File Reference

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Data Types

type  Graph_class::Graph


module  Graph_class


type(Graph) Graph_class::Graph_New (n, m, type)
type(Graph) Graph_class::Graph_newInit (n, m, xadj, adjncy, type)
subroutine Graph_class::Graph_Init (G, xadj, adjncy, type)
subroutine Graph_class::Graph_Destroy (G)
subroutine Graph_class::Graph_Partition (G, nparts, method, options)
subroutine, private Graph_class::Graph_partng (G, nparts, method, options)


integer, parameter Graph_class::D_GRAPH_DUAL = 1
integer, parameter Graph_class::D_GRAPH_NODAL = 2
integer, parameter Graph_class::D_PART_PMETIS = 1
integer, parameter Graph_class::D_PART_KMETIS = 2
integer, parameter Graph_class::D_PART_VKMETIS = 3
integer, parameter Graph_class::D_PART_OMETIS = 4