DOUG 0.2
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GeomInterp.f90 File Reference

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Data Types

interface  genmat


module  GeomInterp


subroutine GeomInterp::CreateGeneralRestrict (C, M, R, genmat)
subroutine GeomInterp::CalcNextCoefs (ct, ci, hnds, minv, maxv, coefs, cinds, csz, nsd, pt, cfout, ciout, ncsz)
subroutine GeomInterp::BuildMults (minv, maxv, coefs, cinds, csz, nsd, mults)
real(kind=xyzk) GeomInterp::MlinInterpolate (pt, nsd, mults)
subroutine GeomInterp::CalcMlinearInterp (A, C, M)