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ElemMtxs_distribute.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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Data Types

type  ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf
 ElemMtxsIntf type. More...


module  ElemMtxs_distribute

Element matrix distribution logic.


#define float   real


type(ElemMtxsIntf) ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf_newInit (Msh)
 Basic constructor for interface elements.
subroutine ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf_Destroy (E)
subroutine, private ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf_buildInnerInterfEMask (E, M)
 Builds inner/interface masks for elements Allocates and fills in: inner_interf_emask.
subroutine, private ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf_buildMapsMasks (E, M)
 Build global to local, local to global and inner/interface maps for elements Allocates and fills in: gl_emap, lg_emap, inner_interf_emask, intfsend_emask, intfell2indx.
subroutine ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf_exchangeMapsMasks (E, M)
 Synchronize send/receive maps (non-blocking)
subroutine ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf_waitMapsMasks (E, M)
 Wait until send/receive maps have been synchronized.
subroutine ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf_addChunk (E, chunk, Msh)
 Add chunk to interface elements Chunk may contain non-interface elements - these fill be filtered out.
subroutine ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxsIntf_distAndAssemble (E, A_interf, Msh)
 Distribute and assemble interface elements.
subroutine ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxs_readAndDistribute (Msh, fnElemMatrs, A, b, A_intf)
 Reads in element stiffness/mass matrices and their RHSs and then distributes data to slaves by chunks Intended for master only!
subroutine ElemMtxs_distribute::ElemMtxs_recvAndAssemble (Msh, A, b, A_intf)
 Waits for element matrix chunks from master - final matrix is assembled bit by bit.

Define Documentation

#define float   real