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Decomposition.f90 File Reference

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Data Types

type  Decomposition_mod::Decomposition
 Definition of subdomains and factorizations (solves) of subdomain matrices. More...


module  Decomposition_mod

Datatypes that hold domain decomposition for Schwarz (first-level) preconidioners.


type(Decomposition), public Decomposition_mod::Decomposition_New ()
subroutine, public Decomposition_mod::Decomposition_Destroy (DD)
subroutine Decomposition_mod::Get_nodes (iDomain, eptnmap, nodes, nnodes)
 Get node numbers of a domain.
subroutine, public Decomposition_mod::Add_layers (adjBounds, adjValues, nodes, nnodes, nlayers, onnodes)
 Add several layers of nodes to the existing set of nodes using mesh graph adjacency matrix.