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CreateRestrict.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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Data Types

interface  gendata
interface  getvals
interface  getsize


module  CoarseCreateRestrict

The main aim of this module is to create the restriction matrix.


#define float   real


subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::CreateRestrict (C, M, R)
subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::CreatePathRestrict (C, M, R, gendata, getvals, getsize)
subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::getSizeOne (ptcnt, nsd, rsz, isz)
subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::genNoData (cpts, csz, nsd, routp, ioutp)
subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::getInvDistVals (cpts, csz, nsd, rinp, iinp, pt, outp)
subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::getKrigingSize (ptcnt, nsd, rsz, isz)
subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::genKrigingData (cpts, csz, nsd, routp, ioutp)
subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::getKrigingVals (cpts, csz, nsd, rinp, iinp, pt, outp)
subroutine CoarseCreateRestrict::stripRestrict (M, R)


real(kind=xyzk), parameter CoarseCreateRestrict::invdistpow = 0.5_xyzk

Define Documentation

#define float   real