DOUG 0.2
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CoarseGrid.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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Data Types

type  CoarseGrid_class::CoarseGridElem
 Coarse grid element. More...
type  CoarseGrid_class::RefinedElem
type  CoarseGrid_class::CoarseGrid
 Used for both global and local coarse grids. More...


module  CoarseGrid_class

Coarse grid implementation and utility functions.


type(CoarseGrid) CoarseGrid_class::CoarseGrid_new ()
subroutine CoarseGrid_class::CoarseGrid_allocate (C, nsd, nnode, coords, els, refels, cfreemap, local)
 Allocate memory for CoarseGrid.
subroutine CoarseGrid_class::CoarseGrid_Destroy (C)
 Free memory used by CoarseGrid.
subroutine CoarseGrid_class::CoarseGrid_pl2D_plotMesh (C, INIT_CONT_END)
integer CoarseGrid_class::getelem (coords, mins, h, nc)
 Get the initial coarse grid element the fine node lies in.
subroutine CoarseGrid_class::getRefBounds (refi, C, nsd, minv, maxv)
 Calculate the bounds of the given refined coarse element.
subroutine CoarseGrid_class::adjustBounds (ct, pt, nsd, minv, maxv)
 Create the bounds for the element whose one corner is ct, that is otherwise bounded by minv/maxv and contains pt.
integer CoarseGrid_class::getDir (ds, nsd)
 Caluclate the direction number (1-4 or 1-7).
integer CoarseGrid_class::getNextElem (eli, dir, nsd, C)
 Get the next coarse element in that direction.
integer CoarseGrid_class::getNeighbourEl (el, dir, nsd, nsame, C)
 Locate the neighbour of a refined node in a given direction.


integer, parameter CoarseGrid_class::COARSE_CENTER_GEOM = 1
 Center choosing options.
integer, parameter CoarseGrid_class::COARSE_CENTER_MEAN = 2
integer, parameter CoarseGrid_class::COARSE_CENTER_MERID = 3
integer, parameter CoarseGrid_class::COARSE_INTERPOLATION_MULTLIN = 1
 Interpolation variants.
integer, parameter CoarseGrid_class::COARSE_INTERPOLATION_INVDIST = 2
integer, parameter CoarseGrid_class::COARSE_INTERPOLATION_KRIGING = 3