DOUG 0.2
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CoarseAllgathers.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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Data Types

type  CoarseAllgathers::SendData
 Datatype for us with nonblocking alltoalls. More...
type  CoarseAllgathers::CoarseData


module  CoarseAllgathers

This module contains a number of utility functions with the main intent of being able to nonblockingly distribute the whole coarse problem and its rhs vectors to every thread.


#define float   real


subroutine CoarseAllgathers::CoarseData_Copy (cdata, cdata2)
type(SendData) CoarseAllgathers::SendData_New (nproc)
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::SendData_destroy (S)
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::AllSendCoarselgmap (lg_cfmap, nlfc, nproc, cdisps, glg_cfmap, send)
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::AllRecvCoarselgmap (send)
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::AllSendCoarseMtx (A, AG, lg_cfmap, ngfc, nproc, send)
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::AllRecvCoarseMtx (A, send, add)
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::AllSendCoarseVector (xl, nproc, cdisps, send)
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::AllRecvCoarseVector (xg, nproc, cdisps, glg_cfmap, send)
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::CleanCoarse (C, R, M)
 Used for cleaning up coarse freedoms which are unused.
subroutine CoarseAllgathers::setup_aggr_cdat (cdat, cdat_vec, nagrs, n, aggrnum, M)

Define Documentation

#define float   real